Lesson 1: Working with bulk buyers – an introduction

Hi! This is Norma. I’ll be taking you through this module, which is focused on reselling gift cards to bulk buyers.

When I first started learning about reselling gift cards, I joined a lot of different groups and social media sites.

I started hearing about bulk buyers and heard that some of them sent emails with different deals. Gasp! Spoon feeding!

I have to admit that was a big draw for me. I didn’t want to spend hours researching deals or going to dozens of social media sites to find the latest and greatest.

Plus, I liked that some bulk buyers would define the rate and the capacity they were willing to purchase from you.

Knowing that gives you a pretty good idea whether a deal is going to be worth doing or not before you buy, which makes it much simpler than analyzing deals if selling direct to the marketplace.

So it was decided. I was going to take the bulk buyer approach to reselling gift cards.

Where are the bulk buyer watering holes?

I should add that it can take a while to get accepted into a bulk buyer’s network. You can search for them using “bulk buyer” as a search term, but you may still find them elusive.

Many bulk buyers do not advertise and some only sign up new people upon recommendations. Others review applications in batches and only take a certain percentage of new members depending on their need for volume.

Once you get connected with a bulk buyer, things can get pretty sweet! In the meantime, you can start buying and selling using Ed’s marketplace method and get comfortable with that.

Getting the white glove treatment

If you would prefer an even easier way, we’ve created The Gift Card Exchange (GCE), a small members-only service that helps you find and buy the best deals. Membership is highly limited as we are now close to capacity, although new members are sometimes accepted on a referral basis.

We do videos and step-by-step guides on how someone who is new to gift card reselling can get started, and help them meet the minimum spend on a new credit card every month, in their pajamas!

GCE will also work like a members-only mini bulk buyer. Not in the same league as the big bulk buyers, but more convenient and as competitive if you are a member.

Perhaps the best part about working with bulk buyers is that they do all the heavy lifting, finding the deals for you. That’s what we’ll dive into in the next lesson.

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