Lesson 2: FastStart Bulk Buyer

This program shares many of the same sections as its marketplace counterpart, but the focus here is to get you reselling to a gift card bulk buyer as soon as possible. The pace is a little slower because you need to apply and wait for a bulk buyer to accept you.


  1. Apply to a bulk buyer.
  2. Sign up for at least one rebate portal and one gift card marketplace just in case it takes a while to get connected with the bulk buyer. You can pick from several here and start learning how to buy and sell to marketplaces.
  3. While waiting for your application to be approved, you can also find deals by watching out for Amex Offers.
  4. Analyze and Buy deals. If you are able to reserve a rate and capacity with a bulk buyer, check if you will make money. For example, if the rate you can get is 86% for a $50 card, and you are paying 85% of face value then your profit is 1%, or 50 cents, plus the points and miles that will count towards minimum spend.  But on the other hand, there are times when a bulk buyer's rate will be a loss.  Always calculate this BEFORE you buy!
  5. Sell to a Bulk Buyer using their process. Consider reselling directly to a marketplace until you have been approved by a bulk buyer.
  6. Or you can join us in our member-only Gift Card Exchange, where we have a community to help you find deals, get the best rebates, and score the highest miles and points possible. We even sell gift cards for you if you need the extra help. This is totally optional. You can certainly find success with gift card reselling without joining us – we just make it a little easier. We’ll have more details at the end of this course if you are interested.

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