Welcome to the No Lemon Guarantee Site

If you need a little help with using the new NLG pages, you've come to the right place.


First, let's get you logged in.

Click on Member Area > Inventory Tracker.


Click on "Log in with the GCE" if this is your first time, or if you have cleared your cache, or if you always use Incognito or Private modes on your browser.

If you do not see this step below and get logged in automatically, no worries!


Now you are ready to check out each of the features of the new site.


Links to note (and maybe to bookmark) include:

  1. Inventory Tracker: this is your "homescreen" on the NLG part of the site.
  2. View NLG Lists - the listings for the current cycle.
  3. Submit NLGs (manually, or bulk upload): There will be a button on almost every page of the site, so you can locate this page easily.
    1. Manual Upload: you can select the card/SKU from a menu.
    2. Bulk upload: This is a time saver if you have a lot of cards. Please read the instructions! Make sure you download the "Download the CSV upload template", as it will PRE-POPULATE the sheet with the capacity you are entitled to of every SKU in the cycle. This will save you loads of time.
  4. View Cards: Your inventory of cards - this is where you can track all your cards, including checking to track :
    1. if they are submitted,
    2. when they are processed
    3. when payment is pending
    4.  when payment is posted.
    5. the cards that have issues.

You can filter by the current cycle, month, or year - but remember to click on "Refresh" if you do change the view. You can download as a spreadsheet at any time too.

Other useful links include "View Payments" and "Reports", for those of you who like being able to track your sales. If you are not already running your GC reselling as a business, you should as it is a great way to write off some very interesting and legitimate expenses!

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